RandomCraft will be releasing out of beta 5 pm!

We have enabled chest griefing on factions with a special Creeper Egg
that will only blow up chests and give you some juicy loot.

We have Disabled Skywars & SpongeWars.

Skyblock has been added to the server "Beta" with lots of cool features!

You might also have noticed we have had a trailer made for the server.

Social Media
We have officially made a YouTube Channel and a twitter make sure to go check those out!¨

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RandomCraftMc_
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmAPBs6754IjG2oRDz9m8CA
RandomCraft is officially Open.
Join now!
Hello everyone.
I am here to bring you the good news, That the server is going to be

November 3, 2018, 12PM
We will give coupon codes to everyone who donated to the server that was previously made before this one.
You can check the ranks out at.

We will not be resetting the servers after the testing week, Unless there is a Game Changing bug that breaks the gamemode.
Hope we see you there!
Staff applications are open!
Hello everyone.
Thanks to Ben, We were able to bring the forums back up. And with that, Everyone can apply to become staff on the server.
The staff roles are global, And unlike in the past, We will have strict rules for staff members to avoid abusive behaviors and drama.
Here are some answers to some questions some of you may have.

What are the staff roles?
We have 8 staff roles, which are:


What rank can I apply for?
You can only apply for 3 ranks.

Builder, Helper And Developer
You cannot apply for any rank other than these three, No exceptions.
How many staff members will you need?
We don't need much, But definitely enough to keep an eye on the server for most of the times.
But call911, You are only promoting your close friends!!
That's half correct. I am going to be promoting the people that are close to me, because obviously I trust them and I know what they are capable of and what they deserve to be as staff members.
But I won't ONLY be promoting friends, That's why we have applications open! That's why we need you to be as honest as you can in your application. It's the only thing we may get to know about you!

Do I need to have previous experience to apply?
While we do appreciate experienced people, I am definitely going to promote people that also want to...