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  1. GuardianStryder
    Hey its me Guardian I've also changed my name to FlaffleBaffle :D
  2. Shadow
    I forgot to work out today. That's five years in a row!
  3. Shadow
    If something's not going right, try left.
  4. Shadow
  5. Shadow
    I'm so happy right now that random craft is back online and running I hope that it would be a huge success in the future
  6. HeheFluffie
    my money ah ah
  7. MAKgaming
    I am really happy and excited about the reopening of Randomcraft. We expect the greatness that the server had since the beginning.
  8. HeheFluffie
    la swingada swoody ima comin for da booty
  9. Jasoniful
    Jasoniful Call911
    i can't remember who you were but you're name is familiar
  10. Fateh
  11. FinestAF
  12. ItsMeRami
    ItsMeRami CrabNiipples
    hi! I have on RamiEbied VIP on skyblock, but i changed my name to: ItsMeRami, but i don't have my rank... Pls help me for this problem.
  13. SpikeThePig
    SpikeThePig ben1122a
    Back my rank
  14. HeheFluffie
    What I need to survive is the Last Of Us part 2 release date..aswell as a ps4 and a free copy of it.
  15. HeheFluffie
    excuse moi, s'il vous plait , move your butt out of the way
  16. Call911
    Call911 Sampie
    Hey gurl
  17. iiTxeno
    Omg, spelled my name worng...
  18. Bardyon
    Why are you reading this can't you see im busy listening to music?
  19. Farboddx
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    2. Giraffe_Girl
      Sep 4, 2018
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  20. Farboddx
    Farboddx treav0r_
    hey! why dont you answer your dms
    good to see you here