Pending Review Factions Map IV

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  1. Hello everyone!

    We finally decided to launch Factions Map IV and this time, We are trying to make things simple and unique at the same time. Here are list of few things that it will have

    The map
    The world is 5000x5000 blocks, Smaller than the previous ones, And more fitting for a small playerbase.


    We removed Custom Enchants from the server, So we had to tweak the Gkitz. All the kits can be purchased on our store
    You can preview them in-game!


    The End/Nether
    While you can claim land in the normal world and the End, You cannot claim in the nether. For that reason, We decided to make the End 5k x 5k, And the nether 3k x 3k


    Crates (Reworked)
    We reworked the crates to make them more worth voting for, And more worth buying. Same system we have on SkyBlock, Just different rewards!

    Server opens today 3pm GMT+1 Make sure to join our discord server for more updates!

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