Important In-Game Rank Role Claim

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  1. Hello everyone!
    This thread is for claiming your in-game rank roles until we make it Automatic.
    If you want your rank to be shown on forums, Reply to this thread with the following:

    - In-Game Name:
    - Rank:
    - Proof(In-Game Screenshot/Discord):

    Thanks for your patience!
  2. In-Game Name: demonlicher
    - Rank: helper
    - optional rank: annoying guy in every movie
    - Proof(In-Game Screenshot/Discord): my existence is enough
  3. Your Ranks has been returned.
  4. - In-Game Name: polo
    - Rank: helper
  5. Your Ranks has been returned.
  6. - In-Game Name: Zenerian
    - Rank: Legend
    - Proof(In-Game Screenshot/Discord): yuh yeet

    Attached Files:

  7. Your Ranks has been returned.
  8. InGame name: Chronic
    Rank: Master,Mod idk
    Proof: do i have to?
    Thank you in advance
  9. Your Ranks has been returned.
  10. - In-Game Name: BaccaCraft
    - Rank: Legend/ admin
    - Proof(In-Game Screenshot/Discord): yes.
  11. There you go
  12. - In-Game Name: Perf_
    - Rank: master/mod
  13. There you go, P.S that's a really cute cat

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