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  1. Hello everyone!

    I was tweaking our old KitPvP server from the old RandomCraft for few days now, And i finally decided to release it, I know it never got much attraction in the first place, But it was really fun for everyone including myself. So i decided to bring it back again!
    Here is a little preview for the people that don't know what i am talking about, And a little bit extra!

    The map
    Same exact map we used in the past, It was loved by everyone!


    The kits
    The server has many type of kits, Something for everyone! And everything is balanced just right


    We have 3 types of leaderboards, One for overall stats on KitPvP, One for kills, One for deaths. Here is the overall leaderboard example!


    Crates (COMING SOON)
    We indeed have plans for a crates system. It wont come with the release, But it will in the future, Maybe envoys too!

    Server opens Tomorrow 3pm GMT+1 Make sure to join our discord server for more updates!

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