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    Hello everyone! Today i am happy to confirm that we are working on a Pixelmon server, And we are making sure it'll reach everyone's expectations!
    But obviously, I am not able to finish such a huge project alone, Thanks to Techdraconis and @BaccaCraft for helping me with few things so far, But i still need a lot of things to get done and i need everyone's help.

    People with Pixelmon experience:
    For the people that have played Pixelmon in the past, I would like to hear your suggestions and what you want/Don't want on our Pixelmon server. You can simply reply to this thread, Or Use our discord server

    If you have played Pixelmon before, You should already know that it contains a large amount of custom builds for Gyms, Arenas and server warps, If you have any experience in building, We would like to see your work on our server. If you have premade builds, Please add Tag me on our discord and i'll tell you how to send it to me.
    If you don't like building offline and you want to use our build server, As long as you are
    committed, You are welcome!

    I will be posting more updates and showcases on our discord server, So make sure to join!
    Thanks for everyone who has supported us, You gave us the motivation to create something that people can enjoy.
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