MyPet Guide

Guide for Survival Pets.

Welcome to the guide for taming, using, and leveling pets in Survival!

Please note that normal users may only have 1 pet at a time. Donators are allowed to have multiple pets at once.

Catching Mobs
1. For starters, you will need a leash, which can be crafted with the below recipe.

2. Once you have your leash, you must find one of the mobs below. All mobs have a "food" and "Catch Requirement"
- "Food" is the item that you must give your pet to heal it and make it less hungry.
- "Catch Requirement" is what a mob needs to be at in order for it to be caught. A catch requirement of "10% hp" means that the mob must be at 10% hp or lower in order for you to catch it, whereas a "tamed" requirement means that you must have tamed the mob in normal minecraft fashion. Once a mob meets the requirement, simply LEFT CLICK on it with your leash to make it your pet.

3. After you kill a few mobs with your pet around, you will be prompted to choose a skill tree with /pcst

4. If you chose a skilltree with the "ride" ability, you can ride your pet by right-clicking with a leash.

Controlling Pets
- to store your pet in the pet bank, type /petstore.
- to retrieve or swap out your pets, type /petswitch
- to call your pet to you if it gets lost, type /petcall
- to dismiss your current pet until it is called again, type /petsendaway
- to release your pet forever, type /petrelease
- to prevent your pet from attacking, type /petstop
- to toggle pet pickups, type /petpickup
- to view your pet's inventory, type /petinventory
- to check your pet's skills, type /petskill
- to change your pet's name, type /petname (donators can color pet's names)
- to check your pet's info, type /petinfo
- to view your list of pets, type /petlist (donators can have multiple pets)

Pet Hunger
Pet hunger is shown on a scale from 1-100 with /petinfo, with 100 being full and 1 being starving.

When a pet respawns it will not have full hitpoints if its hunger level is below 90.

The hungrier your pet is, the lower the range of the beacon effect is. Activating the beacon effect will cause hunger to increase at a faster rate.

The hungrier your pet is, the slower it will move while you are riding it.

Special Pet skills

Behavior: Allows for more control over a pet's behavior. type /petbehavior to change the behavior type
- friendly -> the pet will not fight even when it's attacked by anything
- normal -> the pet will act like a normal wolf
- aggressive -> attacks automaticly everythink within 15 blocks of the owner
- farm -> attacks automaticly every Monster within 15 blocks of the owner
- raid -> like normal but the pet will not attack players and their minions (wolves, ocelot, pets)
- duel -> pets will attack other pets with active duel behavior within a 5 block radius.

Beacon: transforms your pet into a portable beacon.
- /petbeacon opens up the beacon menu.

Control: Right click with a leash to have your pet follow your cursor.

Ride: Right click your pet with a leash to ride it.