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  1. Nameqq

    Pending MysticBlitzyt - YouTuber Application

    Will you and the other Blitz be making videos?
  2. Nameqq

    Accepted AfzeggenYT - YouTuber Application

    Accepted enjoy making videos :3!
  3. Nameqq

    Denied Admitted to using Right Mouse Button Auto Clicker (For a joke)

    1. You are using the wrong format. 2. We have a NO toleration on cheating and auto clicking. Denied wait out your ban.
  4. Nameqq

    Denied False banned by anticheat

    So you don't have auto clicker?
  5. Nameqq

    False Ban/Glitch

    The glitch?
  6. Nameqq

    Denied Ban appeal

    So do you want to admit to cheating and tell me why you are sorry for cheating?
  7. Nameqq

    Denied Ban appeal

    So your brother was mad at mythicalpvp and decided to download a hacked client and cheat on the server?
  8. Nameqq

    Denied Ban Appeal

    Please use the correct format.
  9. Nameqq

    Unbanned false ban

  10. Nameqq

    Denied Ban appeal

    You were hacking and we don't allow that on the server, this ban is short and you will wait it out. Denied.
  11. Nameqq

    Unbanned false ban

    When you are free tag me on the discord and join waiting for staff voice chat.
  12. Nameqq

    Denied Ban apeal

    Please follow the proper format.
  13. Nameqq

    Denied Ban appeal

  14. Nameqq

    Unbanned False Ban

    What makes you so sure you flagged anti-kb?
  15. Nameqq

    Denied Ban for jumping in a range of a beacon

    So you think insulting the anti-cheat and its developers are going to help your appeal?
  16. Nameqq

    Denied Ban apeal

    Denied. I'm going to have to deny your appeal since our anti-cheat early false flags on the anti clicking checks. Feel free to join back once your ban is over :3
  17. Nameqq

    Denied Banned for doing nothing

    It is highly unlikely that the anti cheat will false the auto clicker check.
  18. Nameqq

    Denied banned while jumping

    You were clearly using auto clicker. Care to explain?
  19. Nameqq

    Denied Ban for jumping in a range of a beacon

    You flagged for auto clicker over 200 times... Why where you hacking?
  20. Nameqq

    Denied Banned for doing nothing

    You were banned from auto-clicking. Why where you hacking?