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  1. Call911

    Unbanned Banned

  2. Call911

    Denied falseban?

    You tried bypassing a previous ban.
  3. Call911

    Unbanned False banned again

    unbanned due to experimental checks
  4. Call911

    Unbanned False Ban

    Since you admit that you cheated, I will unban you. Feel free to login now
  5. Call911

    Rondae's Unban Appeal

    This really isn't a reason to get unbanned. You being an admin literally means nothing. i'll give you a chance to fight, Then we'll screenshare you after. If i see a decreased performance, Your ban will not be lifted. Tag me on discord when you come online
  6. Call911

    Denied Im banning for nothing

    You were autoclicking.
  7. Call911

    Unbanned getting banned for the dumbest reason

    Unbanned. Please don't abuse any systems without reporting
  8. Call911

    IMPORTANT Store Terms of Service

    TERMS OF SERVICE By visiting RandomCraft’s virtual store and accessing its services, packages, information, etc. we provide, you understand and agree to the following terms and conditions as stated in this policy (Known as a 'User Agreement'), along with the terms and conditions stated in our...
  9. Call911

    Unbanned False Ban

    unbanned, Printer mode is there due to the fact that you can use printer
  10. Call911

    Denied Ban Appeal

    You are banned on an account called Triforce. Your internet and your IP is your responsibility, Don't let anyone cheat on it!
  11. Call911

    Denied False Ban!

    You are banned again, I knew i should've not unbanned you lol
  12. Call911

    Denied Banned for hitting someone at spawn

    You were auto-clicking. Next time be honest in your appeal!
  13. Call911

    Denied False Ban!

    Due to the fact that you got banned for experimental checks, I will unban you. Keep in mind you were flagged for cheating. So be careful what you use next time!
  14. Call911

    Denied Banned falsely by Console over Hacking

    You were using an Auto-Clicker/Double Clicker/macro. Next time be honest in your appeal!
  15. Call911

    Denied banned while jumping

    Don't cheat. Denied
  16. Call911

    Unbanned False banned

    Hey Xan, Due to the low amount of logs i will unban you. But keep in mind next time you get banned for the same reason, We will not unban you. Please do not cheat!
  17. Call911

    Unbanned Random?

    You were 100% autoclicking. But i unbanned you Don't hack!
  18. Call911

    Unbanned Ban Appeals

    Unbanned. Dont autoclick
  19. Call911

    Denied Memes21

    You were auto-clicking denied.
  20. Call911

    Denied Ban appeal Viktorijaa

    you were auto-clicking denied.