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Denied Andreas - Ban Appeal

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User name: Andreas

Minecraft Username. iTzAndreas

Ban reason. Refusing to ss

Which staff member banned you? Qatyusha

Length of your ban. 30d

Explain why you think we should unban you? Because I am not guilty and wouldn't have a problem to be screenshared whenever

Additional Information. So basically this staff member "froze" me and told me that if I disconnect then I will be banned and then he told me to join rc frozen support waiting room. My laptop is that bad that when I tried to connect to the vc my mc started crashing so what I did is took pictures with my phone since I knew that there was a possibility of me getting disconnected.

Here's my proof:

I know that this doesnt proof that I wasnt cheating but after me being disconnected I asked the staff member to ss me and gave him proof of my minecraft crashing + I told him that my minecraft was still open but unfortunately he refused to ss me (even tho at first he said that he would and if nothing found then he could ask someone to reduce my ban but then he changed his mind. Please consider into accepting this appeal as I wasnt cheating and didn't meant to disconnect.
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Unfortunately we dont unban if someone logs out while frozen even if it was unintentionally.
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