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Accepted Elsaicequeen - Ban Appeal

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New Member
User name: Elsaicequeen

Minecraft Username. Elsaicequeen

Ban reason. Trying to use beacon crystal at HCF

Which staff member banned you? RandomAntiCHeat Plugin

Length of your ban. 3 days

Explain why you think we should unban you? False Ban?

Additional Information. I went to HCF using the beacon crystal gadget for 1 click teleport, then my screen got black and nothing i can i see then i still got my HUB gadgets so i used it again but PurpleFoxOG said i was online at the HCF and saw the annoucenent. Probably the gadget that left intact to me when im at HCF(but all darkness screen), made the random anti cheat plugin triggered and banned me. Help! :(
Not open for further replies.