Legacy of Randomcraft Factions (2013~)

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    Hey everyone,

    I'm an old member of RC, and it seems like RC has changed ALOT for the past couple years. I gave up trying to play MC for a quite a while, but I feel nostalgic visiting here again, so I'm going to tell you the whole legacy of Randomcraft Factions :D

    Going back to like 5 years ago, it was the times when RC was filled! Almost 1K members online consistently, and an active community. This was when I first joined RC. I was just living out in dirt poor factions, and wasn't a donator. I started being a bit more engaged after I became a donator. I started my first faction called "GhostSquad" with like 15 members, and these idiots lost all their power & I got overclaimed lmao.

    After the base was overclaimed, I disbanded the faction as I was invited to SODC by presjin :D

    In case you didn't know, SODC was one of the biggest faction at that time. Some other factions that co-existed and competed against SODC was SASR, Infamous and more which I cannot remember.

    This was RC's era of growth. RC was one of the best cracked servers out there at that time. We had constant events such as Go4RC, Vote Comps, PVP events, and more. Speaking of PVP, There was ALOT of people who were pvp gods. Some are Aware2013, Obi, All of INFAMOUS faction members, and even @Call911

    SODC ages were the best. Some notable members are Aware2013, LD_Butcher, presjin & etc. SODC dominated factions for a while until a new reset.

    New reset comes, and everyone is poor & factionless. However, there was one faction that was always rich & unique. The faction was called PotatoTree. From what I call, PotatoTree was the ONLY peaceful faction that was officially recorded in RC history. Potatotree had almost infinite power, and you were not able to overclaim them. They built bases, shops and other structures for RC, and were simply people who wanted to build.

    I was invited to PotatoTree by my favorite person: obi. Obi was known to be one of the BEST pvpers in the RC history ever recorded. He had over 14-16 CPS, and was a pvp god. I met alot of people there including obi, futureindustries & the fishing god Zav? (forgot his name). Eventually I left PotatoTree because it just didnt feel like it was for me.

    Times went on, notable members started to get banned. Aware2013 was banned for griefing, LD left RC, and people started to get active. From what I believe, the next reset caused the server to go PREMIUM ONLY.

    When that happened, the server playerbase went from 400 to like 60-70. However, the smart admins decided to make it cracked again. The playerbase went back up to like 200-400.

    I was mostly playing as a lonewolf, I was grinding money & spawners most of the time. However, more and more people were banned. A notable flame war also started which included Aware2013 & FlamingMike. Staff were involved, things went bad. Staffs eventually put a stop to this. The result of this flame war was Aware2013 being banned.

    RC had a disaster update. This was the "UpgradePick" update. This new plugin allowed pickaxes to be upgraded, eventually making the pickaxe to be super OP. However, people found a loophole, and started to exploit this plugin. This caused a massive problem in RC economy & resulted in MASS bans. Noobies was also banned from this abuse.

    RC continued to have small problems constantly. A notable incident was 1.8 VS 1.9. After 1.9 PVP was introduced, there were 2 sides to this. One side wanted to keep RC 1.8, the other side wanted RC to be 1.9. At first, the admins said 1.8 forever, eventually the server updated to 1.9.

    From there, not much happened. We just played the server, playerbase of 200-300, it was pretty consistent. Soon after, I was banned for "Disrespect". Don't know how it happened, or why, but I was banned.

    Anyways, RC was pretty consistant even after I was banned, but all legends started to die out. I don't know what happened after that, but server started to die out. This all leads to this point now, where I clearly see that the server isn't what it used to be. I spoke with Alter couple times in snapchat, and I received some explanations.

    Either way, I feel like RC has some great legacy from the past, and old players from the past that are still here should feel the nostalgia. To new players, you gotta read this, lol.

    Shoutouts to some of the most notable members of the history of RC
    Alter, Ben, Fofox, Rene, Aware2013, FlamingMike, Obi, Call911, Noobies, FutureIndustries & etc.

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    Hello there! Long time no see
    Glad to see your name here on our network, Hope we see you part of the community once again!
    You can scroll down and join our discord server, We are always active there
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    Long time no see mate
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    I also remember myself playing back then. It was me and a friend who joined for the first time a server. It happened to be a Faction server and no other than RandomCraft! It's one of the reasons I have loved this gamemode, because RC Factions was special to me. Since then, I always sticked around with new updates of the server and never gave up on it. I wish for a better and more succesful future for it and hope good luck to the Owners and staff.