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Denied misunderstanding !


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ban evaded

Which staff member banned you?

Length of your ban.
7 days

Explain why you think we should unban you?
I got banned for using vpn (ban evaded) listen carefully ......

Me and my brother playing in same pc but we dont play in same accounts , He on the vpn because he is roblox player he dont play Minecraft that much of time , In my country roblox is blocked so you have to use vpn , So he use vpn then he played roblox after a while he closed it (roblox) and come to play RandomCraft , when he joined he keep vpn on then he log in his account not my account (aymaw) he got banned for ban evaded means we have same (IPS) but we dont have same (accounts).
so my account (aymaw) got banned too !
so please unban me .
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Appeal Denied - The information you give in the appeal are false compared to what BaccaCraft says happened. Lying in an ban appeal will never get you unbanned. It's more preferable if you are honest about what you did that got you banned.