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Denied My Ban Appeal ( Admitted while frozed on first ask )

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New Member
Minecraft Username.
StevenLH (Xray) and ImProIfuKnow (ban evanding)

Ban reason.
Unfair adventage (Xray) (Admitted On First Ask)

Which staff member banned you?

Length of your ban.
7 Days Now 6 days

Explain why you think we should unban you?
Cuz, i have fav gamemode in RandomCraft Server (HCF) and i only want to play that gamemode

Additional Information.
i use Xray cuz i Stressed got raid 2 times, the first i got raid cuz when im entering nether portal someone killed me and camp at my base and keep killing me (camping) my frends that in my faction dont know if someone camp in our base then he go out and get killed and we raidable and then i still mining normaly without xray until i had enough diamond for 2 diamond set for me and my frends, then in the 2nd raid the people that raid me in first time, log out in my base and log in back at my base and kill me and all my member while we are waiting for regen DTR in base that why i mad and i use Xray becouse that xD (sorry i shouldn't use it)
Not open for further replies.