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Thank you, Everyone.
 Call911 •   19 hours ago •  20


I would love to thank everyone who came for the End Update! ❤️
I appreciate all your support and it makes all the staff team happy to see people enjoying our servers.


On behalf of all the management team, Thank you.

SkyBlock End Update
 Call911 •   20 hours ago •  17

SkyBlock End Update

Hello everyone! We have released the new zone on SkyBlock called the End. And it will introduce lots of new content and a new boss.

Here are list of things it will include

  1. 10+ new craftable and obtainable items
  2. New boss controlled by the players
  3. New quest line
  4. Endermen and wither skeletons new levels
Welcome to our new website!
 Obi •   4 days ago •  37



Welcome to our new website!

More info coming soon.

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