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Another event & more updates!

Another event & more updates!

Hide & seek/Trouble in Mineville tournament

After seeing how successful our last event, We have decided to host another one with the gamemodes that were not covered with our last tournament. We still are figuring out how to handle tournaments properly but for now we will keep using the party system for them until an automated system is made

Game updates

New skywars map Derelict

New Bedwars map Hypermodern

Skywars changes

  • Added more food in island chests
  • Decreased armor rarity in middle chests

Blockparty changes

  • BlockParty floor speed increased by 0.5 seconds

Discord bot update

We have added /link command!
You can now link your in-game roles with our Discord server. Here is how:

  • Join our server
  • Type /link code
  • Copy the code you receive in chat (CTRL + a, CTRL + C)
  • Go to our Discord server
  • Do /link
  • Paste the code in the menu
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