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Development blog - Updates & Information!

Development blog - Updates & Information!

Hey there!

In this development blog, we will be going over the recent changes and progress we've made since our last update and giving some more information about our betas and decisions we've taken.

Let's start off with the booster beta & semi-public beta!

We announced that our Discord boosters and around a hundred lucky people would get whitelisted on February 20th and like most of you have noticed the server has only been open to boosters for  3 weeks, and regular people haven't had the chance to get on and try the server out. The reason for this stems from some development issues that came about shortly before the beta release. There was a miscommunication between some admins and half of our development team was on break due to exams and other personal reasons, which resulted in the initial beta being opened with outdated software and no one noticed until bugs were being reported that had already been fixed. Since these unfortunate events occurred our boosters & staff have done a wonderful job of reporting issues during the booster-only beta, and the majority of them have been fixed.  

Now on to the good news!
We've decided on a new release date for the semi-public beta, next weekend march 18th, we will whitelist around 100-120 players that placed their IGNs in the channel on the discord.

(Remember to put your name into #ign on our discord for a chance to get whitelisted)


Development has been a bit slower than we would've wanted but after some recent internal policy changes and upped recruitment for the development team, we expect the development speed to increase and meet our release deadlines.

Touching on releasing the server, depending on the semi-public beta goes we will announce a release date a few days after the beta!

What about my ranks or stats?

Since RC (RandomCraft) acquired ReviveMC people have been asking questions regarding their purchases on the old RC & Revive stores, and of course, there have also been questions about if people are going to keep their levels, cosmetics, and statistics from old revive.

If you bought a rank from the store before the merge, you will receive the equivalent rank on RandomCraft, this does NOT include people that gained their ranks via giveaways or were given by staff. If you bought any other items via the store, there will be compensation that will be announced later.

Regarding levels, cosmetics and stats.

We have reworked the entire cosmetic system so, in short no, you will not keep any of your cosmetics, you will, however, be able to win boxes while playing our games and open them for a chance at free cosmetics. [Note higher level boxes will require a rank to open]

Touching on levels and statistics we also reworked the level system so when leveling up you will gain rewards ranging from tokens to cosmetics so everyone will start at level 0 when joining the server. Statistics will not be reset, since everyone worked hard for their leaderboard placement!  

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