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Development Blog & Updates

Development Blog & Updates

Hey! We've been working hard behind the scenes, but we've been very quiet about our work and our announcements stopped a while back.

That being said we are going to start posting these Development Blogs which will just show off some features on the server we want to share before release!

So... What's new?

Master Allocator

We have been working on our backend system which we call "The Master Allocator" which will allow us to deploy, shut down, open up hundreds of game servers within seconds, and will assure our server is never down for more than a few minutes in the worst scenario. This system will also allow us to scale the server up as much as we want which will help us keep up with the demand and minimize lag overall.


Most of our games were finished but they were very laggy and badly optimized so we've been taking the time to go over all the code and optimizing it as much as we can, so once the server releases players will be able to enjoy a lag-free experience!

While it's extremely hard to completely optimize anything in such a short time we believe it's reached a point where we are getting happy with it, but that doesn't mean we will stop optimizing it after release, we will keep looking for ways to optimize our server to improve the quality of the gameplay!

New Spigot

Revive was running a plane version of paper 1.12 spigot which isn't very performance-friendly, after seeing this we went ahead and coded a custom spigot that is an insane improvement over the old one.

(if you ask me it's probably the best 1.12 spigot out there -Arnor)


We've recently started reworking the server's graphics quality and it will be finished soon.

(Example of  the new artwork is the banner used for this development blog)

That's it for this development blog, we will try to post these when we have the opportunity or have enough news to fit into them!

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