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Everything you need to know about content creators Ranks

Everything you need to know about content creators Ranks

What does RandomCraft offer to Content Creators?​

We offer many things that no other server does. Such as private games, Events system, Creator-Safety system, Store Partner program and a lot of other in-game perks to make your experience better!

Private Games

With the ability to customize all our Gamemodes to your liking, This will surely create endless possibilities to how you can play our games

private games.gif

Cooldowns, Knockback, Health, Lives, Speed and effects. ALL changeable to create your own twist on your favorite gamemode!


Share your Private Games favorite profiles with others and experience theirs!​

Events System

Automated events for all our gamemodes with a smart leaderboard system to make the process as simple as possible!


For larger content creators, You will be able to host your own events on our network, Advertise them on your Discord and even get direct access to our talented teams that are ready to prepare any time of challenge/event you would like to host.
Our network will also FUND your challenges and events ideas if they are hosted by us! Your imagination is the limit.​

Creator-Safety System​


Through our Nickname and Chat Filter systems, You will be able to safely record without being bothered by others.

Store-Partner Program​


Are you interested in making money through our network? Well now you can! With our Partner Program, We will pay you a monthly % of all donations you bring to our network using your own Partner Code​

For TikTokers​

Our gamemode DeathRun can run on a Private Game instance to give you endless Parkour options! With over 20 beautifully made maps and more to come, You will never runout of background footage for your TikToks!

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