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Hello everyone. This took WAY more than i expected, But it's finally here!
Skyblock will be releasing tomorrow 7 PM GMT+1 for beta testing, And that means the server may contain alot of bugs and problems than will need to be fixed before release.
Keep in mind that the server may reset completely if any breaking bugs were found, But we encourage people to go out and test all the aspects of the game to avoid problems after the full release.
Thanks for waiting!
Hello everyone! Here are few things you should expect on the new SkyBlock update, It's still under work but i'd like to share some things i am working on :)

Classes: (5+ Classes, Each class has their own set of perks, Skills, Pros and cons)

Story line:
Dynamic quests, Interactive NPCs!


Zones: Multiple islands that together will create the Spawn island, Each part of it has it's own purpose.
Farming, PvP, PvE And interactions etc..13
Hey, Not everyone knows how to play/install the Pixelmon mod required to join our
new Pixelmon server. So in this post, I have included some tutorials that were posted to YouTube
and a written out guide

Step 1

You will need to download forge 1.12.2



Step 2

You will need to download the Pixelmon mod itself.



Step 3

Now you have downloaded everything you need
(You can also download and install optifine to reduce the lag
on the server)

Now you have everything. Start by opening Minecraft version 1.12.2 to download that version
--if you have already played on 1.12.2 you can skip this--

Now double click on the forge installer you downloaded

Click on...
Hello everyone, Pixelmon is now LIVE!
There is a 20% Sale on everything in our store, Please consider donating to the server!
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