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Discord: mineNIN#7910
IGN: mineNIN
14 days ago

---> Hey there reader, I am mineNIN this is my personal suggestion on how to write a Good staff application 

                                                      Guide to write a good staff application.

Basic requirements before you apply for staff- 

1-  You should have a working microphone.

2- You should have a device that can record the game.

If you have those requirements fulfilled then you are good to apply for staff.

---> The first few questions are basic and everyone would probably know how to answer these basic questions.

Question 1- If you got punished before, please elaborate. -

In this question makes sure you explain the why did you get punished, only saying, I was muted or temp banned will not do, you have to explain why you got banned, You should try giving a reason as to why you won't do the same mistakes again, and learn from your mistakes.

Question 2 - Do you have any previous staff experience

In this question you have to be specific, explain what you did for the betterment of the server you were staff on previously, tell which position you worked on as well. If you never had been a staff on any server just say you do not have any experience, Do not try to fake about begin staff on any server, this will result in instant rejection. This questions helps to understand what are your capabilities and experiences with handling difficult situations.

Question 3 - Why do you want to become staff on RandomCraft-

This question is all related to your aspirations and what you can bring to the RandomCraft family if you become a staff member in here. You have to try to explain your benefits to the server and how would you prove to be a good fit in the staff team, You can include your strengths as well as weaknesses, and also how would you improve your weaknesses over time. Giving examples is ok but, including too much examples would not be a good idea. You have to layout this questions answer in a very neat manner so that it is up to the point. This is a very major question, try avoiding spelling errors, this might put up a bad first impression and affect your chances of selection.

Question 4 - Why should we accept your application over others.

This question helps in understanding your dedication and determination for becoming a staff member. If you want to become a staff member just for getting in to staff team you will probably never become one. Keeping you motives clean is very important, staff position has responsibilities which are very important. So, in this question you have to explain your positive side. What makes you unique and different from other people who are also applying for staff. This questions answer should reflect in your behavior in game. If you are stating that you are friendly in the answer but ingame you are abusing that means you are straight up lying. So, choose words very carefully in this answer. Try to be yourself, this questions answer should come from your heart. Everyone is unique in there own ways try explaining various situations where this uniqueness will be useful.

Question 5 - Can any current staff member vouch for you.

This question depends from person to person. You have to tell whether anyone from the staff team knows you, if someone does that is going to help you as they already know your personality, but if you do not know anyone you can just say on one can vouch for me.

Question 5 -  Additional info - 

In this you can state any extra things you would like to tell the selector about. Make sure that it is very specific and not useless and unworthy information.


Lastly I will state that these are my personal suggestions and will help you to be considered as staff. And it is  very important is to have patience, you will get a reply on the application, do not bug any staff member for seeing your application.                                                                                                                                                    Good luck to all applicants,                                                                                  

Best regards,                                                                                                                                                                           mineNIN.






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