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Discord: call911#0021
IGN: Call911
about 1 month ago

Hey everyone, 

In this post i will talk about the state of the server, And what we are planning on doing, And release some info about our new SkyBlock server!


▶️Why is the server under maintenance?

I have decided to rework the entire network. Some things may stay the same for players, But back-end will be a lot easier to work with.

I've lost motivation to work on the server before due to things being way more complicated than they should, And that meant only i was able to do anything significant on the server. Which wasn't ideal if we wanted to support a larger player-base

▶️ What gamemodes will the server have?

We will re-open the network with a new SkyBlock server, Kitpvp/kitmap, Housing and the Gulag. SkyBlock and Kitmap will get a rework ofcours.

We do plan on releasing minigames in the future, But we want to take things slowly this time. Nothing will be rushed!


▶️What will SkyBlock be like this time?

I am very happy to announce that our current SkyBlock will not only be our most unique, It will be the one server that satisfy our RPG players and our Generic SkyBlock players!

Currently the server is planned to have:

- RPG-like aspects (Collections, Skills, Dungeons and interactive NPC system)

- Old-Style SkyBlock system 

- Custom items, Weapons and tools

- A story-driven battlepass system

- A well-balanced island top system

- Custom mobs, Pets and companions

- Any player that is on 1.16 will automatically get a texture-pack that changes all textures of our custom items, Mobs and more! 


I will continue to release sneak peeks on our Discord server for people that want to see what it actually looks like. 

▶️Release date?

Closed-beta will be done in a week or less. Full release date is not decided yet. We will notify everyone once we make sure the server is ready to open!

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IGN: Simokaizhe23
7 days ago

why cant i go to skyblock it says i am not whitelisted