Pending Review Allowed Mods

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    Please note that our allowed modifications can be changed at any given time. We do allow clients such as "Badlion Client" and highly discourage using it as you will not be unbanned if caught.

    We do allow the use of printer but it must be used at your own risk, therefore if you are banned of alerts which we do not feel you should have set off you will NOT be unbanned.

    Approved Mods

    - Toggle Sneak / Toggle Sprint
    - Battys Coords Mod
    - Minimap Mods (No Entity / Player Radar)
    - Bspkrs Core
    - Armor Status HUD
    - Status Effect HUD
    - CPSMod
    - Fast Chat
    - Direction HUD
    - Player API
    - Optifine
    - Keystrokes Mod
    - Shiny Pots
    - Any Mods that change client side time
    - Any Waypoints Mods
    - Spotify Mod
    - Kohi TcpNodelay Mod
    - Shaders
    - Saturation Display
    - Any ResourcePack organizer
    - 5 Zig
    - Forge
    - Tabby Chat
    - Optic Craft Client
    - Motion Blur

    Please make sure to only use our allowed mods, any illegal mods found will result in a ban.​
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