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  1. 1)In game name : BIGD

    2) Staff Member that banned you?

    3) Reason for your ban? <Autoclicker found in ss>

    4) He lost on kitpvp then he trap me with his command . He
    threatened that if iam not show him my screen i would get ban .We talk at discord i show him everything ... no hacks packs and mods on my file ... So that makes me that i won him without any hack or something ... So he wanted somehow to take revenge of me by searcing my files .. i donwload a programm that he write to me i refuse to download it and he threatened again ..telling me that he will ban me cause i refuse to download something that idk ... He told me to search about autoclick ... He find something but the folder wasnt there . Then he spoke that i deleted that time that we were talking on dis... I said him that that folder is from 2018 and is deleted from 2018 ... Playing on this server 3 days nothing cant prove that i autoclick even console cause i did nothing with that ... Just a kid that got angry cause he lose on pvp with no hacks ... I know that u want to keep balance on the server but i am 100% legit ... Yeah i have been hacking we all did but when apps or programms are deleted then why ban innocent ppl...


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  2. i didn't technically theaten you i only said you'd get banned if u refused you took like 20 mins to download search everything and why would i take revenge over getting killed?... also that wasn't the only autoclicker i found lol ill just wait for a higher staff to reply
  3. U know that other clicker above the older autoclicker are from adope premier can u read them or do you want to spell it ?
  4. and he just perma ip ban me lol... Doing nothing just playing the game . I am impressive .Its ok ... i have been teenager too mistakes were made.. But we have to recognise them ...hf


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  5. You ban evaded twice...
  6. was trying to speak to theancientsen about my case .Cause we talk about autoclickers or programms and he told me that is bannable so i didnt download smthing or did smthing .Also he is big enough to understand some things unlike others...
  7. You can literally talk to him on discord you didn't have to ban evade Call can u close this case i think its pretty much done
  8. I am new here i dont know his disc ... dont hope soo, if owners worry about new members then the case is open
  9. Appeal denied. Having an auto-clicker is not allowed. We cannot know if you used it or not. By having it, You probably did use it.
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