DavyPvP Ban Appeal

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by DavyPvP, May 8, 2019.

  1. IGN : DavyPvP

    Banned by : call911plz

    Reason : Abusing Mcmmo glitch

    Reason to be unbanned : So, I sure did use the command to give myself credits but only for testing purposes, I didnt redeem the credits on a skill i can use on other players because I didnt want to have an advantage caused my testing this glitch. If you check the logs u can see i redeemed them on a skill called alchemy, I was just testing if it actually worked, I was gonna report the bug straight away but a guy named Pandora, that found out about this, said that he is already reaching out to call911 so i didnt bother reporting it twice.

    Anything else? : As a retired helper im not a kind of a person to abuse a bug and not report it cuz thats not something i want to be known for aka glitch abuser! Thnx.
  2. You still should've contacted me about it, Doesn't matter if another player did or not. Even after the reset you and other few people still had credits that wasn't redeemed and if i didn't check the logs i would've not known about it. You are unbanned on the server
  3. so how come he gets unbanned but all the other people that did the same thing as him didnt?? just want to know because its kind off unfair!!!!

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