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  1. Hello everyone!
    This thread is for claiming your in-game rank roles until we make it Automatic.
    If you want your rank to be shown on forums, Reply to this thread with the following:

    - In-Game Name:
    - Rank:
    - Proof(In-Game Screenshot/Discord):

    Thanks for your patience!
  2. In-Game Name: demonlicher
    - Rank: helper
    - optional rank: annoying guy in every movie
    - Proof(In-Game Screenshot/Discord): my existence is enough
  3. Your Ranks has been returned.
  4. - In-Game Name: polo
    - Rank: helper
  5. Your Ranks has been returned.
  6. - In-Game Name: Zenerian
    - Rank: Legend
    - Proof(In-Game Screenshot/Discord): yuh yeet

    Attached Files:

  7. Your Ranks has been returned.
  8. InGame name: Chronic
    Rank: Master,Mod idk
    Proof: do i have to?
    Thank you in advance
  9. Your Ranks has been returned.
  10. - In-Game Name: BaccaCraft
    - Rank: Legend/ admin
    - Proof(In-Game Screenshot/Discord): yes.
  11. There you go
  12. - In-Game Name: Perf_
    - Rank: master/mod
  13. There you go, P.S that's a really cute cat
  14. Hey call911, GalaxyArts (also played as Diamond007) here, i had no idea that the server is still up until now even after alter and ben and everyone else left. I dont know if im supposed to post this comment here but i just want to ask if i can still get my previous ranks, it was SkyGod (skywars worth $20) God (Factions worth $100) Bedrock (Prison worth $100+ i forgot) It was verified at the old discord of rc. After i left, i lost all of my screenshots on my old computer. So i have no idea if i could get it back. Please answer me asap. It was also verified on my account on the old rc site (under enjin)
  15. No no one got their old ranks back cause this is a completly new server with new owners and we dont have the old buycraft stuff so we cant give u it either way, sorry.
  16. U cant say this is completely new server it has the same name, same IP, same site. LMAO
  17. Still we cant we dont have the old buycraft stuff so theres your answer
  18. Hey Galaxy, Nice seeing you here. Sadly, We were given no backups of anything, We had to start from scratch, Including ranks, Alert isn't part of RandomCraft anymore, Nor the things he created.
  19. IGN- Darkmoshpanda16
    Rank- Mod
  20. IG SpreyZie
    Rank Legend

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