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  1. in-game name: nothacker6666

    staff that banned me: polo

    reason: refusing to ss

    reason to be unbanned: i was suspected of using an autoclicker, i wasnt, i was butterfly clicking, jittering while killing villagers, and i tried to open discord it, it showed me some error message and when i told the polo/davy they just told me to get it working i asked to switch to ts they said just forget ts and get discord to work discord error.png
  2. You are banned because you claimed that your discord couldn't open when we froze you because we suspected you of having auto clicker since you were killing more villagers then you should be. We gave you more than enough time (almost 15 minutes) to get your discord working but you couldn't manage to open it. When you got banned you sent a massage in the discord skyblock chat saying it finally opened, in that period of time you could delete every singe piece of evidence and hacked client u were using.
  3. We also gave u more time to get your discord working then u just said "ill just take the van"
  4. i had strength 2 and sharp 5 i 1 shot all the villagers :/

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