Pending Review Server Rules

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  1. General Rules

    • No chargebacks of any payments are allowed
    • No faking evidence of any player
    • No stalking/harassing any player
    • Do not leak a player's personal information without there permission
    • You are not allowed to use VPN's or Proxy's unless you are given permissions by Manager's +
    • Do NOT evade a ban or a mute on any RandomCraft Server (This includes Discord, Forums, Game Servers,)
    • Scamming in-game items is allowed but You are NOT allowed to real life money, [[This includes the promise of purchasing ranks/commands...etc for in-game goods](If you are scammed for IRL money this is not our fault, however, we will punish the player if there is valid proof. )
    • Use common sense. If common sense dictates something should most likely be against the rules, then DON'T DO IT! If you are ever in doubt about something please ask a staff member!
    • Swearing is allowed but disrespect is not.
    • You are only allowed to have 3 alts if you have more you will be banned.
    • Don't argue with staff decisions. If you have a problem with something a staff member did, Report it to managers/Owners.

    Gameplay Rules
    • No hacking/cheating or using any disallowed mods (Allowed Mods)
    • No glitch abusing/exploiting (e.g. find a way to get out of the map, bypass restrictions, block glitching into spawn; no matter your intention), shooting from safety (spawn or a warp)
    • No abusing /Report (e.g. purposefully false reporting a random player to get the attention of staff)
    • No other programs to give you an unfair advantage (e.g. autoclickers, macros, disallowed mods...etc)
    • No double clicking (This is the action of setting multiple mice or buttons to attack)
    • Account sharing is allowed, but at your own risk! We will not unban you if your shared account(s) get banned and/or blacklisted!
    • No changing your click button to such things as your scroll wheel.

    Skyblock Rules

    • Any world border abusive behavior will result in an island reset and a ban
    • Flying in /warp pvp is NOT allowed.

    Factions Rules

    • Disguises/pets are not allowed while in warzone/pvp zone.
    • Camping is not allowed, i.e Killing Faction members until their power is -10 and not overclaiming their land so you can keep killing them for no reason.
    • Nether portal trapping is not allowed.
    • Traps that dont kill instantly are not allowed.
    • Enderpearl/horses glitches are not allowed.

    Prison Rules
    • Griefing plots will result in a permanent ban.
    • You cannot camp PvPmine, Don't come back only to annoy players.

    Minigame Rules
    • Cross-teaming is not allowed (except on the pit).
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