Pending Interview SpreyZie - YouTuber Application

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  1. ╣ Personal Information ╠

    What is your Minecraft username? SpreyZie

    What is your first name? Mehdi Elkaiche

    What is your email address? [email protected]

    What country are you from? Morocco

    What is your time zone? GMT+1:00

    What is your Discord username? SpreyZie#1851

    ╣ Channel Information ╠

    What is the name of your YouTube channel? SpeyZie

    Can you provide a link to your Channel?

    What type of content do you make on your channel?
    Gaming / Tutorials

    How often do you upload to your YouTube channel?
    Per week, sometimes 2 videos per day.

    How often can you upload content based on RandomCraft?
    This month

    What made you want to start recording RandomCraft for your YouTube channel?
    I want to get Youtuber rank, and support RandomCraft to get members like the first time.

    Any extra information or details that you would like to add to your application? (optional)
    I'm cool, I'm ready.

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