suggestion for skyblock

Discussion in 'Server Suggestions' started by THExOCDxGAMER, May 15, 2019.

  1. 1)making stacked ig's die with fall damage.
    2)adding custom enchants.
    3)selling spawners back shop or changing them some how other then spawn eggs.
    4)different types of building blocks all the odd ones like a hole tab just for all the odd building blocks. this one would get a lot more people to build stuff. you could move the bricks to that one to.
    5)adding some more commands in like making /back wok and have people allowed to use more then 1 /home this one helps a ton on a 350x350 island. adding back in the /rankup would make this a good work together idea.
    6)redo able quest lines
    7)boss battles
  2. 1- that's how Vanilla minecraft work, I can't change it
    2- We had custom enchants, They ruined the map and people wanted them removed
    3- that would create some imbalance in the economy
    4- We are on 1.8, But we support all versions. But we only get blocks from 1.8
    5- /back and /sethome bypasses islands bans, I am working on a fix
    6- Will look into it
    7- You can buy bosses in store

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