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Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Call911, Apr 10, 2019.

  1. Hello,
    If you are here, you probably are looking to appeal to be unbanned. Before you do, here are some things you should know.

    1) Do not tag staff members in your appeal. When asked for the staff member who banned you, simply state their name.

    2) Do not bump your appeal. Doing so may result in it being denied.

    3) If your appeal gets denied, stay mature about it. You can always re-appeal, however, you will need to wait three days before doing so.

    Appeal Format:

    1) In-Game Name?

    2) Staff Member that banned you?

    3) Reason for your ban?

    4) Why do you deserve to be unbanned?

    5) Anything else?

    Kind regards,
  2. In game Name: TH0RCxMbo_
    Staff that banned me: Call911plz
    Reason: I received 25000 mcmmo credits from console. I didn't know who sent it but I reported it to a staff right away in skyblock.
    Why should I be unban: I should be unban because I had no part in adding mcmmo credits. The text just said I received 25000 mcmmo redeem credits. I didn't redeemed any and I did the right thing and I did the right thing and told a staff member.
    Thank you!
  3. Frist of all u did not get get those from console you abused a bug to get them 2nd of all no u didn't report it "I should be unban because I had no part in adding mcmmo credits" uh huh
  4. He did not abuse the glitch , people could send credits to diffrent names and he recived credits by some1 else, i wanted to see if it actually worked and i redeemed it on alchemy so its not abusive towards others, i was gonna report the bug too but Pandora said he is reaching out to call so i didnt.Most of the bans are false but whatever
  5. Bacca I did not add any credits to my account. Supposed a player gave them to me? Isn't there a command to give players mcmmo? And the notice came to me ingame that it was sent by console and no name wasn't there!
  6. Same a #DavyPvP said we can give players mcmmo credits and if someone gave me them there name didn't came in.
  7. Btw bacca, I went to skyblock and said something to call but he didn't answer then I made it to your attention saying "Hey bacca,Call didn't removed mcmmo credits properly"
  8. In Game Name: Liquid
    Staff that Banned me: Call911plz
    Reason: Pandora told about the glitch, and I wanted to test it if it was true, so I gave myself mcmmo and I didn't think it worked cuz it wasn't counted. When I did /mctop then I checked /redeem and I had those credits, I tried to place it on my acrobatics and it worked. I was about to report it in the discord but i saw call911 go online so i didn't report it.
    Why I deserve an Unban: I just wanted to try it and i didnt want to gain an unfair advantage in the first place
    anything else: Lesson learned dont try/test bugs
  9. in Game: Dr9ons9
    Staff that banned me: Call911plz
    Reason: i saw command posted on the global chat, i was not informed of it being a glitch. i thought it was just a normal command because this is my first online server. i did try the command and it worked for me. as i said it is my first online server so im not told to report anything and in my defense i did not know it was a glitch.
    i feal i should be unbanned because as this is my first online server i do not have any knowledge of these things.

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