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Making our server more Cool & Stable

Making our server more Cool & Stable

The past week we've been trying our hardest to make the server more stable. Thanks to everyone who played on our server we managed to find and fix over 100 major bugs to finally consider our network stable. But it isn't the only thing we've
been doing!

New pets added

To make sure our Hub even more lively, We decided to give you more cute friends.
Now you can unlock up to 10 custom pets such as a Turtle, Pikachu, Snake and The Duck

BedWars Update

With BedWars being fully stable now, We decided to introduce new features that makes gameplay better like:

  • BedWars Teams selector
  • Better Teams selection algorithm
  • 5 favorite items instead of 3
  • Shop balancing based on your suggestions

Bug Fixes

Alot of bugs were fixed during this week. Here is a short list!

- BedWars games crashing before game ends

- BedWars shop showing skulls textures wrongly
- Fixed TIMV traitor item shop
- Hide & Seek proper blocks directions for Anvils/Stairs
- Fixed a small sign on Wild River to give the correct values
- Skipping a gravity course will now teleport you in the right spot
- Skipping while falling no longer adds an extra death in gravity
- Fixed BlockParty ghost player win bug
- Fixed players not having permission to do /discord
- Fixed players not having access to their MP8 pet for a short amount of time
- Fixed the last Kaboom trap on DeathRun on Wahoo to toggle it's glass properly
- Fixed some missing signs in the HNS lobby
- Fixed powerups in BlockParty being able to be used infinitely
- Fixed water buckets being usable in BlockParty
- Fixed skipping mid flight killing you in gravity
- Fixed skipping not setting the correct spawnpoint in gravity.
- Builder names now show up properly on all maps
- Fall damage has been properly disabled
- Sometimes players weren't getting the correct amount of victory points
- Sheep taunt can no longer be hit/killed
- Blockparty winning bug
- BedWars crashing after 1 minute into the game
- Deathrun not gaining points on checkpoints
- Wrong map loading on Hide & Seek
- TIMV showing 0 kills at the end of the game
- Unable to link your socials on your profile
- Not leveling up properly
- Mystery Boxes missing opening permission
- TIMV Traitor Shop not opening
- Game NPC menu bug fixes
- Major lag issues in main lobby and some other gamemodes

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