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  1. polo

    Denied Unfortunate coincidence

    Hello, a fellow staff member T1D reported you to me that you were sending lots of alerts. As soon as i had logged on the server my chat was spammed with alerts from you. when i had teleported to you i saw that you were at the deep mine hitting mobs weirdly but i didn't want to jump to any...
  2. polo

    Denied Memes21

    hello, Can you explain how it was a glitch and explain how the glitch works? Also "jesus hack" is a hack that allows you to walk on water.
  3. polo

    Accepted Unban: v3l0city17

    You were setting off alot of alerts, when i tped to you, you were blatantly hitting a guy from 6+ blocks away and then finally he jumped down into the water and u killed him from the other side of the stream. Wait for higher staff to reply.
  4. polo

    Accepted Unban Briksawse

    You were setting off multiple alerts and u got reported by a player. I spectated you for a bit and decided to ss you. When i asked u said "brb" i gave u abt 2 mins and realised u had logged off.