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    skyblock is copied from highpickel

    skyblock is copied from highpickel
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    Denied Tristan01 - YouTuber Application

    User name: Tristan01 Your First Name: Tristan How Old Are you? 13 What time zone do you live in? GMT +1 Your YouTube channel link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc6z7-Jg23roCyuW-6Cqtbg?view_as=subscriber Any additional information? if it doesnt get accepted, what are the...
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    Unbanned Ban evading

    Minecraft Username. tristan Ban reason. ban evading Which staff member banned you? polo Length of your ban. 7 days Explain why you think we should unban you? me and my brother (wouter) both got banned for 3 days, while we were banned, wouter got permbanned (he appealed too) when my ban was...