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RandomCraft Mentor Guide

Last Updated: 03/02/2022


Being a mentor in our team means you can help welcoming new staff members, Guiding them in their role, And fulfilling expectations. Any moderator interested in such responsibility will be assigned mentee(s) to help make the staff team more active and effective.

General Formalities

➢ Activity: If you are planning to be away from your mentor duties for over 1 week, Please contact a staff manager and include a moderately detailed reason and the duration of the suspected period of inactivity. We may temporary assign someone to help with your mentor role until you are back.

➢ Maturity: We expect for you to be respectful and friendly towards your trainees as a mentor at all times. this means you are to make your trainees feel comfortable around you, and in no way are you to be causing arguments with them.

Your responsibilities

Throughout their time as Helpers, your trainees will turn to you for assistance. You are to be there for them, assist them with their job as a staff member and give them advice on how to improve. Here is a list of ideas about what you can do in order to actively engage with your trainees:

  • Occasionally play games with them
  • Ask them how they are from time to time
  • Ask them whether they are enjoying their time as a Helper
  • Ask whether they are facing any difficulties

NOTE: Mentors need to stay in contact with the staff manager. This means that you may report your mentees' performance, Activity, Punishments, Questions and mistakes if needed.

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