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RandomCraft Moderator Guide

Last Updated: 03/02/2022

Introduction and tasks

A moderator performs all the tasks of a helper but has some additional punishment commands and special tasks. These tasks can be handling appeals, handling staff applications and mentoring helpers.


You may be chosen to handle appeals posted on our forums. Please review all evidence fairly and carefully before choosing if the appeal will get denied or accepted.
If you reject an appeal, Please make sure to leave a professional response and make sure they understand why their appeal is rejected

If you would like to find some examples of appeal responses feel free to look on the forums or ask the staff manager. Additionally, on the forums you will find appeals created by our staff managers to help you practice. Feel free to respond to those appeals if you don't feel ready to take on real ones.


Handling staff applications is another task which could be assigned to a moderator, only do them if they are assigned to you. When responding to an application you must first read the application to ensure the player is fit for the role and that they have included enough detail. You must ensure the player has the basic requirements mentioned in the staff application form.

If you find an application than looks promising, Mark it as "Awaiting interview" Only the staff manager can mark applications as "Accepted"

We have a staff application example posted on our forums. Please review the application and the responses posted under it.

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