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OP Skywars, Leaderboards update & more

OP Skywars, Leaderboards update & more

New game variant! OP Skywars

Our players voted for it, And we made it true!

OP Skywars is a faster version that only has the best of the chest loot
This new expirment will tell us whether we should do the same for other gamemodes on a weekly basis, Or if our players woud like a more permanent new experience.

Weekly leaderboards

Our new leaderboard system allows you to compete for a short period of time. This will help us host long-term tournaments and allow players with limited time to still compete and show off their skills


Seeing how popular our events are, We don't plan to stop any time soon. We are announcing our events on the Discord server so you should defiently join! Events prizes include Money, Store credit & rank upgrades

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