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Closed Beta Release

Closed Beta Release

Hey there everyone, Hope you are doing well!‌‌‌‌

It's been over 3 months since we announced our re-opening. However, we couldn't give a release date due to the fact that there was SO much work we needed to finish before even considering announcing a date. Nonetheless, we believe that our server is nearly ready, so we would like you to test it!‌‌

February The 20th..

On February the 20th Sunday, we will whitelist all of our discord boosters, alongside +1 friend of theirs, so they can test the server first hand for themselves. We believe that all the major issues have been fixed, and all the main features are implemented.‌

After 3 days of booster-only testing, we will announce a more public whitelist, which we will explain on our discord server when it's time!‌

What to expect?

Considering that we have previously merged with ReviveMC, our gamemodes are still similar when it comes to names. However, some of them have still kept their core mechanics.

The Hub

This is the gate to the server. We made sure our hub is just as fun as other gamemodes! This includes fun cosmetics, a profile system, new hub builds, detailed pet system, tons of donators perks and private games (we will showcase our private games later on in a sneak peek).


Seeing that this gamemode is the most popular on most Minigames servers, we couldn't just not add it. However, we added it with a twist..

We have brought the best features from both Hypixel's and Hive's bedwars gamemode and made them into one. We wanted to make sure to make all of the community happy!


The first gamemode that wasn't part of the original Revive gamemodes and probably the most unique. We had the same approach with this, but we also made sure to add our own unique features to it.

Trouble in Mineville

TIMV is a loved HiveMC gamemode that unfortunately didn't get the care it needed. Seeing how even Hive themselves opted to remove it and add Murder Mystery instead, it showed us how outdated it was.‌‌Of course, we didn't want to do the same but we had to do some major gameplay changes to make it modern and accessible.


Hive had a great Deathrun game design. We didn't change much aside from better maps and some minor gameplay changes.


Another gamemode that Hive nailed just about right. Even Hypixel barely changed anything about it with Pixel Party, and we will do the same.


Fall and don't die. Simple, Fun and quick. We plan on making sure our maps are up-to-date and challenging!



Hope we see you there..


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