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Click on each rule to learn more about it. Any user found breaking them will be punished or completely blacklisted from our networks.

Our server aims to have a positive atmosphere where everyone feels welcome. We do not want any form of toxicity or negativity as our goal is to make a server where everyone feels safe and enjoys themselves. With the easy access to chat with new people, we hope that players interact with one another in a cheerful demeanor.

What's not allowed?

  • Discrimination and Racism
  • Political and Controversial Topics.
  • Insulting players.
  • Speaking non-english.
  • Encouraging violence or hatred towards other players.
  • Falsifying information about other players.
  • Sharing a player's personal information, without their permission.
  • Spamming / Flooding.
  • Intentionally avoiding the chat filter.
  • Talking about inappropriate topics or deeply negative experiences.

To create a platform where everyone is on an equal playing field, we do not allow the use of hacked clients or modifications that ruin the experience for legitimate players. Furthermore, abusing or exploiting a bug to your advantage is also not allowed as it has the same effect as cheating.

Unfair Advantages

What's not allowed.

  • Encouraging cheating
  • Exploiting
  • Auto clicking / Macros
  • Cross teaming
  • Team griefing
  • Disallowed mods
  • Stats boosting
  • Unfair Advantage / Cheating


The modifications we allow are cosmetic and other mods that show limited amount of information and mods that don't give an unfair advantage.

Types of  banned Modifications:

  • Hacked Client (A client that includes multiple hacks in a single client.)
  • Modifications that show information that wouldn't be accessible otherwise. (player health, inventory, location,

Types of  allowed Modifications:

  • Client performance mods (e.g. FPS improvement mods)
  • Visual modifications (e.g. shaders mods)
  • Armor and Effect Status hud mods
  • Brightness and gamma adjustment mods

All modifications are used at your own risk, please refer to our "Allowed modifications post for more information"

Our Staff Team comprises of experienced community members who are there to assist you with issues you may have, to keep you safe and to enforce our rules. They will never ask you to do something which is completely unreasonable nor punish you without just cause. The last thing our Staff want to do is to apply a ban or mute so please listen to them when they are requesting you to do something.

Our server supports all content creators and those who want to spread their creativity whilst on our platforms. However, to avoid a constant flood of advertisement there are certain limits on what and how much you can advertise.

You may only post content related to our servers in-game (whether it be a stream or video) and can only do so twice every 30 minutes.

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