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  1. Call911

    Banned Account

    For some odd reason your ban doesn't show on our database. you should be unbanned now.
  2. Call911


    Hello everyone, Pixelmon is now LIVE! There is a 20% Sale on everything in our store, Please consider donating to the server! Join pixelmon using Donate using
  3. Call911


    8th of June ❤❤
  4. Call911

    Accepted Call911 - Example Helper Application

    You're joking right? There is a BIG button in the middle of the tab that says APPLY NOW How did you not see it??
  5. Call911

    this is just for testing purposes :3

    this is just for testing purposes :3
  6. Call911

    giveaway for account linking!

    Hello Everyone! Now since our super nice and cool /link command that you can use on our Network lobby is NOW AVAILABLE! We decided to do a Giveaway! We will be giving away 5$ coupon code or Discord Nitro to whoever: 1 - Link your RandomCraft account to your forums account. 2 - Leave a reply to...
  7. Call911

    Accepted Call911 - Example Helper Application

    User name: Call911plz Your First Name: Call How Old Are you? 19 - Born 08/01/2000 What time zone do you live in? GMT +1 Are you multilingual? If so, in what languages? Yes. French, English and Arabic. Have you ever been kicked/muted/banned on this server? Not in any serious matter. How...
  8. Call911

    Helper Applications Guidelines

    What do we look for in an application? Your application is supposed to show us that you have the skillset needed to take on the Helper role. Put your personality in your application. We need to see the person that will be helping us in the future, Not just a plain text that looks fancy. Make...
  9. Call911

    Welcome to our new forums!

    Hello there everyone! Welcome to our new forums. This one is here to stay! To link your RandomCraft account use /link In-Game. For more information join our discord server!
  10. Call911

    Our vote links!

    Vote for our server today to get rewards! - - - -
  11. Call911


  12. Call911