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  1. Call911

    KitPvP New Map!

    Hello everyone! Yesterday we released a brand new KitPvP Map and after testing it, It's here to stay :D Join us on the server and get on the leaderboads!
  2. Call911

    Factions FULL map reset!

    Hello everyone! Factions has reset and is now using amultiple new systems to keep the experience unique, For more information, Visit Join us today @!
  3. Call911

    IMPORTANT Leveling information

    BASIC LEVELS Level 1 * Mobs: Pig * Cauldron Crops XP: 100 * Level up Cost: $5,000 * Spawner Price: $25,000 Mob Drops: * Pig: Raw Porkchop Level 2 * Mobs: Ocelot * Cauldron Crops XP: 125 * Level up Cost: $9,000 * Spawner Price: $30,000 Mob Drops: * Ocelot: Raw Fish Level Up Rewards: * Green...
  4. Call911

    IMPORTANT Elixer Information

    ELIXER SHOP: The Elixer shop is found down in the spawners room or you can simply type ( /eshop ) and you'll be teleported to the merchant. FOX HEAD: When worn on your players head slot you will gain the following effects; SPEED III ( UNLIMITED ) DIVING HELMET: When worn on your...
  5. Call911

    IMPORTANT Cauldron Information

    Magic crops are obtainable by farming crops, you can obtain a magic crop from any kind of crop. Whilst farming if you obtain any magic crops you can simply right click them on a cauldron and get rewardsit's that simple! Possible Cauldron Rewards: Treasure Map: Gives you a money reward...
  6. Call911

    IMPORTANT Basic info

    So some players still don't quite understand about levelling up and getting faction top value, so I'm going to simplify it down for you in steps. STEP 1. For a player to level up first they need to farm any type of crops they want ( e.g. sugar cane, cactus, wheat, nether wart ). There is a 20%...
  7. Call911

    Pixelmon back online!

    Hello everyone. I am making this quick post to make sure you know that our Pixelmon server is back online! We hope to see you there :) IP:
  8. Call911

    xan's unban appeal.

  9. Call911

    Ban Appeal - SlumpG

    You have been unbanned. PlayerAPI is allowed and that was a lack of information. Sorry for the inconvenience
  10. Call911

    Ban Appeal

  11. Call911

    Skyblock FULL release!

    Hello everyone! Skyblock FULL release is finallllly here! And here are the things that we have Classes: (5+ Classes, Each class has their own set of perks, Skills, Pros and cons) Races Story line: Dynamic quests, Interactive NPCs! Zones: Multiple islands that together will...
  12. Call911

    SkyBlock sneak peek!

    exposeddddd you didnt see it already = bad owner
  13. Call911

    Skyblock beta release

    Hello everyone. This took WAY more than i expected, But it's finally here! Skyblock will be releasing tomorrow 7 PM GMT+1 for beta testing, And that means the server may contain alot of bugs and problems than will need to be fixed before release. Keep in mind that the server may reset...
  14. Call911

    SkyBlock sneak peek!

    Hello everyone! Here are few things you should expect on the new SkyBlock update, It's still under work but i'd like to share some things i am working on :) Classes: (5+ Classes, Each class has their own set of perks, Skills, Pros and cons) Story line: Dynamic quests, Interactive NPCs...
  15. Call911

    Banned Account

    For some odd reason your ban doesn't show on our database. you should be unbanned now.
  16. Call911


    Hello everyone, Pixelmon is now LIVE! There is a 20% Sale on everything in our store, Please consider donating to the server! Join pixelmon using Donate using
  17. Call911


    8th of June ❤❤
  18. Call911

    this is just for testing purposes :3

    this is just for testing purposes :3
  19. Call911

    Event giveaway for account linking!

    Hello Everyone! Now since our super nice and cool /link command that you can use on our Network lobby is NOW AVAILABLE! We decided to do a Giveaway! We will be giving away 5$ coupon code or Discord Nitro to whoever: 1 - Link your RandomCraft account to your forums account. 2 - Leave a reply to...
  20. Call911

    Welcome to our new forums!

    Hello there everyone! Welcome to our new forums. This one is here to stay! To link your RandomCraft account use /link In-Game. For more information join our discord server!