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  1. EnderWings

    Factions Guidelines

    This thread is posted because people keep asking me how to play factions as if they have never played factions before. I'm not going to cover all the additional features that we added to the server like Elixer, Masks or Magic Crops, it's explained in those posts from Cal911: Elixer Information...
  2. EnderWings

    Applications should have requirements.

    In my opinion, applications should have some requirements such as helper application should require: over 100h online on the server or something like that (Actually 100h is kind of too much because normal people play 2h a day which is about 60h a month but this server is still growing so yeh...
  3. EnderWings

    Disable damage in lobbies.

    All lobbies should disable damage. I should not be able to die like this:
  4. EnderWings

    Most servers should not allow rain.

    Most servers should have /gamerule doWeatherCycle false such as the lobby, minigames, and kitPvP. This applies to /gamerule doDaylightCycle as well.
  5. EnderWings

    I wish this server come back to life.

    Yeh, I like this server and I hope it will soon revive to the old days where I play with my old friends. How do I revive this server by the way?