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  1. BaccaCraft

    its not that dead people use it when they feel like it đŸ˜…

    its not that dead people use it when they feel like it đŸ˜…
  2. BaccaCraft

    Denied Unfortunate coincidence

  3. BaccaCraft


  4. BaccaCraft

    Unbanned DoniBobes Appeal

  5. BaccaCraft

    Denied V4UT3X ban appeal

    Denied You were flagging alot for not only multiuse but you were flagging alot for other stuff as well and it was pretty obvious that you were cheating
  6. BaccaCraft

    IMPORTANT Factions Release + F TOP Prizes!

    bet?xd looking forward to the map though
  7. BaccaCraft

    Denied BAN APPEAL

    Why would i screenshare u after 10 mins you were banned you could of literally deleted everything then asked for a ss there is literally no point of me screensharing you and you wouldn't need to wait 30 days if u were legit
  8. BaccaCraft

    Denied BAN APPEAL

    what does alialitt lagging have to do with anything? anyway i dont wanna argue about this just let name review it if he thinks your cheating you'll stay banned if he thinks your not cheating you'll get unbanned
  9. BaccaCraft

    Denied BAN APPEAL

    Also slow it down to 0.5 at 0:05 thats pretty much all the proof u need
  10. BaccaCraft

    Denied BAN APPEAL

    Evidence of him cheating : u can clearly see he was locking onto alialitt and vexfy and then he continued to fight alialitt which is a little obv/ and he logged on his main when he got banned ofc (i could of gotten more proof but i wasn't able to get my recording on in time and ignore the...
  11. BaccaCraft

    Pixelmon back online!

  12. BaccaCraft

    Skyblock FULL release!

    Kool im ready for it
  13. BaccaCraft

    SkyBlock sneak peek!

    Looks cool looking forward to it and imma spend alot of time probbaly xd
  14. BaccaCraft


    Heck yeah time to no life pixelmon