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Skyblock Update

Skyblock Update

With the server being open for a week, We have managed to fix over 100+ bugs and making the server mostly stable now. We are hoping to eliminate all game-breaking bugs by the end of March.

Skyblock full release

We are aiming to fully release Skyblock (No longer BETA) around the end of the month. This means that the server is stable, And no gameplay breaking bugs will be happening. The server will NOT reset after beta is over. Though playing during beta means you may test features that won't make it to the full release.
Here are some plans for the full release update:

  • 30+ more custom armor, Tools & weapons
  • 50+ Story quests
  • 100+ side quests, Missions & Battlepass quests
  • New story islands
  • An election system for Mayor & Minister
  • New bosses

BETA Recap

We have added a lot more content this past week alongside many bug fixes. Here is a list of notable changes and updates:

  • New Nether player island added
  • More story quests & side quests
  • Mob balances & fixes
  • New corrupted elder dragon boss
  • Armor, Tools & weapons balances
  • Daily bug fixes. All our changes are posted on Discord

Hide & Seek event

We will have a best hider event on Saturday to let our players check out our new map! Make sure to join us Saturday 5pm GMT

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