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RandomCraft Staff Command List

Last Updated: 03/02/2022

Discord Commands

-tempmute <@User> <length> <reason>
-mute <@User> <reason>
-tempban <@User> <length> <reason>
-ban <@User> <reason>
-kick <@User> <reason>
-warn <@User> <reason>
-history <@User>-warnings <@User>
-remwarn <@User> - Remove a warning
-cw <@User> - Clear all warnings
-unmute <@User>
-unban <@User>
-clear <amount> [channel]

In-Game Commands

/tempmute <@User> <length> <reason>
/mute <@User> <reason>
/tempban <@User> <length> <reason>
/ban <@User> <reason>
/kick <@User> <reason>

/ipban <@User> <reason>
/unmute <@User>
/unban <@User>
/history <@User>
/sc <message> - To send a single staff -chat message
/sc - Toggles staff chat notifications
/sc toggle - Permanently toggle on staff chat
/alerts - Toggle anticheat alerts
/stafflist or /sl
/say <message> - Sends a message to the lobby
/alts <@User>
/modtp <@User> - Teleports you to a player even if they are in a different game
/whois <@User>

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