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RandomCraft Staff Guidelines

Below you will find the official staff guidelines written by drvnkk and ItsNickrey.
Last Updated: 03/02/2022

Staff Ranks and Hierarchy


Helpers are the lowest rank in the staff team who are intended to be the main communicators with the community when players are in need of assistance. Their main responsibilities are to monitor the chat and answer players' questions. They are expected to issue mutes if necessary.


Moderators are the primary defense against more serious rule breakers on all platforms. Their main responsibility is making sure more severe rule breakers get handled.


Admins are selected staff members who handle management, Development and design.

Behavioral Rules & Tips

note that all the general rules apply to Staff Members too.

  1. Staff Members are not allowed to abuse their power.
  2. Staff Members are supposed to be trustworthy to players, hence they should not scam, cheat or lie under any circumstances.
  3. Act professionally when needed.
  4. Staff Members are not allowed to share their accounts under any circumstances. Please ensure your account(s) are safe and secure.
  5. Leaking any information that a non-staff player wouldn’t know about is not allowed. Any form of evidence can be shared through appeals and should never be shared through private messages. (This also goes for punishment reasons)
  6. Swearing to some extent is allowed within the staff team. Please tune it down when it's on the public server.
  7. Avoid arguing with other staff. Disagreements happen and discussing them civilly is what we would hope for. The same applies for community members, always be the bigger person and back down from arguments.

Not following our behavioral rules may result in warnings, Strikes or demotions.

Evidence Gathering

When gathering evidence on rule breakers, ensure that you meet all the requirements for it to be valid.

Our server will provide an in-game replay system. This will record the entire game instance including chat. All replays are server-side, So no recording software is needed
Discord punishments require a simple unedited screenshot.
All evidence need to be posted in the staff Discord evidence channel!


Please make sure to notify us using the inactivity-notice Discord channel with the exact dates of departure and return. Inactivities longer than 2 weeks need to be reported to a staff manager.

Promotions, Demotions and resignations

Staff promotions

Promotions from Helper to Moderator happen when we notice that you are ready for more responsibility. There are no guaranteed ways to get promoted other than to make sure you keep doing your job to the best of your abilities.

NOTE: There are no specific requirements to join the administrator team. Everyone that has the Admin role is either a Developer, Server manager, Designer or other tasks related to the server well-being and continuity.

Staff demotions

RandomCraft has a 3-strike demotion system. if an infringement is far too severe, 2 or 3 points may be given to a staff member at once. Keep in mind though, Strikes can be removed through acting and performing well for a long period of time.
Strikes are given for things like breaking the staff guidelines rules, Server rules or behaving in an unacceptable manner

Staff Resignations

if you choose to resign, please message the Staff Manager and have a conversation with them before announcing it publicly to the team and the community.

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