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Denied Ban Appeal


New Member
Minecraft Username.
Your Minecraft/In-Game name which you were banned on.

Ban reason.
What was the reason for your ban?

Which staff member banned you?
Please tell us what staff member banned you?

Length of your ban.
How long were you banned for?
3 Days

Explain why you think we should unban you?
Why do you think you deserve an unban?
I am Not Hacking and my ping is too high he thought that i was hacking but i was obviously lagging

Additional Information.
Any additional information we should be aware of before we continue?
i live in the philippines thats why my pings is too high and i didnt fight him again cause im lagging thats why he banned me
and when i try to open on my alt acc. to prove that im not hacking he give me no chance to explain then he ban me without hesitation


New Member
well if you think that im hacking i respect that but for me im not hacking
I know hacking when I see it, as a staff member of various servers for over 4 years i can assure you its not lag.. I also live on a 400 ping with terrible internet and I've never been banned from lag.


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Hello, You were the one who was fighting me, and I saw you werent looking at me and somehow hit me also, I was far away and you somehow hit me as well.