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Ban appeal


New member
Minecraft Username.
Ban reason.
Abusing bug/griefing warzone

Which staff member banned you?
Admin: polo

Length of your ban.

Week - 7days

Explain why you think we should unban you?
Well I have reported some bugs already, and after I asked if it could be possible to get a reward for finding bugs, I was told that°s not possible. And then I went back to the server, Asked to polo the same question, he said no. And I wanted to continue finding bugs, so I asked to polo if he could help me with something, he said he can°t, and after I asked some more, he left the server. So then since there wasn°t anyone who could help me, I decided to try a different thing - if it°s possible to grief a warzone. So I went there, and used tnt, and since that didn°t made any damage, i thought what if i make a cobble monster. Since i am a noob at it, I decided to dig some dirt and use it to get a bit higher and then place lava and water couple times, until i saw that there was some cobble generated in warzone, it was 5 blocks in warzone. I reported a bug report on discord and waited for someone to show up to show proof. Since I got bored, I said in discord chat something like °° how big do i need a cobble monster to be to have proven a point?°° And then I went back on server, and told them that I reported a bug and that I was going to get banned for it (you can ask this to DeeWatkins or one of my members in faction there was 2 or 3 on at the time), then I asked for blocks from DeeWatkins and when Polo showed up, I said °°nvm, admin showed up°° what was ajoke made for those who read that i wrote that I will get banned for the bug report (what was a joke obviously). And after that polo banned me. Even tho i was testing a bug and reported it, and waited for someone to show up and show the proof to them, since it°s worthless to report a bug without proof.

Additional Information.Yeah, that this there was a discussion on discord about this, and polo and one of the helpers just kept saying that I abused a bug. It would be good to go to discird and read the chat. Of course I make bad jokes, but apperently, you can°t joke about anything.


New member
There probably will be the same answer as on discord, that I abused a bug and the ban will stay, even tho I did that for testing and reported and reported it after I had enough evidence.


New member
First of all the fact that you asked for rewards for finding bugs doesn't have anything to do with this. Second you didnt ask me for any help.
You did make a bug-report at 19:38 and 3 minutes later at 19:41 u said "how big do I need a cobble monster to be to have proven a point?" which to me sounds like that you furious because no one replied to your ticket. Immediately after seeing your message in discord I logged onto factions, went in vanish and tped to you and saw you proceeding to build a cobble monster. As soon as I logged on the server you told your friend "nvm admin showed up" which to me sounds like you and your friend were planning on building the cobble monster together. After I banned you for abusing bug/griefing warzone u came onto discord and started arguing about your ban and continously changing your story from saying that you were "testing the bug" getting "proof" to becoming "a joke".
This is all I have to say, wait for a higher staff member to reply.
Thank you