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Hey everyone, we've had a good release today a lot of players joined and were having fun. So here are the sum ups from today,
We fixed bugs and added a few things on the lobby and factions.

We have updates planned weekly so be ready for a new update each weekend on factions!

Lobby fixes and changes.

  • Factions hologram moved 15 blocks away from the arcade machine for better visibility.
    /login bug fixed.
Factions fixes and changes.

  • Masks were at first we quickly fixed them so everyone was able to use them.
  • Players didn't immediately receive their store ranks but they were given after an hour or so.
    (If you have not gotten your rank back/ the equivalent rank)
  • Daily Rewrads were completely broken at first, We noticed this quickly and fixed the entire thing.
    (Yes, We are aware of the permission bug for it and we will fix it asap.)
  • Quest's
  • Auction House NPC, We added an auction house NPC to the right side of the crates.
  • Kit previews have been added for everyone to be able to view the kits donators get.
  • The command /f Money was not added at release, We did notice this quickly and added it back in.
  • Shop NPC's have gotten a reskin to look more colorful and nice.
Forums and staff changes.

We've also made some changes to the staff team and websites.

Staff applications will start getting reviewed on the 26th of December so if you are going to apply do it now.
  • New buycraft and forums design.
  • We are working on a new punishment system and after that is implemented we will clear all the bans on the network.
Staff Changes.
  • Perf has been made Senior Moderator.
  • Ghast has been accepted into the management & owner team.
That's all for now!

Thanks for reading this update announcement!

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