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General Rules
  • No chargebacks of any payments are allowed
  • No faking evidence of any player
  • No stalking/harassing any player
  • No leaking player's personal information without permission
  • VPN's and Proxy's are not allowed.
  • Do NOT ban evade this will result in a blacklist on our network.
  • Scamming is allowed (ONLY in-game items) You are NOT allowed to scam real-life money.
  • Disrespect is NOT allowed. (Swearing is allowed).
In-Game Rules
  • No hacking/cheating or using any disallowed clients. (This includes fake hacking if you are banned for fake hacking the punishment will NOT be removed.)
  • No glitch abusing/exploiting.
  • No abusing /Report (e.g. purposefully false reporting a random player to get the attention of staff)
  • No disrespectful usernames, you will be banned until you change your name. (Disrespectful usernames fall under, Nameqisafaq, Call911isanasshole, etc.)
  • Don't use programs that give you an unfair advantage (auto clickers, macros, disallowed mods, etc)
  • No double clicking (This is the action of setting multiple mice or buttons to attack)
  • No changing your click button to such things as your scroll wheel.
  • Account sharing is allowed, but at your own risk! We will not unban you if your shared account(s) get banned and/or blacklisted!
Communication Rules
  • No DDoS/Dox threats towards any player for any reason.
  • No form of threats at all towards any player or the server for any reason.
  • No suicide encouragement (e.g "kys" "Kill yourself" "slit your wrists")
  • No spamming/flooding chat or encouraging spam (general rule of thumb of what qualifies as spam; 3 or more duplicate messages in a 10s span)
  • No intentionally advertising any other minecraft server in any way on any platform.
  • Do not try to trick players into thinking you are staff/impersonating staff
  • No download links anywhere. Ingame, forums, discord...etc
  • No advertising your discord server ingame.
  • No inappropriate messages in chat. (e.g. talking about nudity, sex, blood/gore...etc).
Discord Rules
  • No excessive profanity, and never in a toxic manor.
  • No posting NSFW links/phrases ("Not safe for work" links, e.g. link to screamers, porn, or anything inappropriate).
  • No spamming.
  • Do not tag the owners or managers for unimportant reasons.
Not open for further replies.